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Saturday, 23 April 2016

I came across this article while searching for Tae Kwon Do conditioning advice:
In the article, the author talks about how he changed his approach to his training sessions and compares how it was before with after.

This post resonated with me particularly due to this:
    I used to have no problem training Tae Kwon Do athletes. We would do some stretching, push-ups, forms, drills, sparring, running, abs and stretching, and call it a day. They got tired and I felt I had done my job. As a teacher, I had the confidence of ignorance.
And this:
    Everyone was doing technical training after they were tired from doing some kind of endurance work.

    Although technique does need to be fatigue tested, it initially needs to be learned fresh. I put this at the top of the class after warm-ups.

Personally, I don't go to martial arts classes to get fit or strong. I can go to the gym for that. I go to martial arts classes to LEARN martial arts.

Most of the classes I've been to seem to be more focussed around family fun and fitness - where the warm up leaves you quite physically exhausted, technique is not practiced, no drills or combinations and sparring is an unsupervised "fun" where you just have to focus on surviving.

My primary goal at the moment is to become proficient - to me, that means being able to do the basic techniques (front kick, turning/roundhouse kick, back kick, crescent kicks, hook kicks etc and their spinning varieties).

To do this, right now I need to focus on flexibility and core/leg strength. Without this I won't be able to do the kicks properly and if I can't do them properly then I'll have to find a more suitable martial art for my capabilities. While primarily focussing on flexibility, I'll still be practicing the techniques and looking for drills for conditioning and kicking. Hopefully I'll see improvement over time, but at my age I'm not expecting anything to happen too quickly.
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